I am Scot living in London and learning to love blogging. I may not always report in to update the blog, for a couple of reasons

  • I am a lazy tyke who is happier reading the work of other and much better writers
  • The appeal of Twitter which is an attraction which holds friends who I love to chat and play with. It is also a sink that swallows time. So unless you are like my dear friend Frank, who will remove herself from tweetland to write or paint, the temptation is to stay and play.

The frequency of entries will be sporadic, but bear with me and hope we can have a fun journey together. i hope you enjoy the experience.

Twitter has been replaced by so many things that have been happening in real life. Writing time has been limited too, but I haven’t forgotten you!


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Poor Bunnykins:-( Gutted! He died…Nooooo..

    Great site, Jimbob. x

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